The Ballard House

"Tree of Hope"

This is our 3rd annual "Tree of Hope" virtual Christmas tree! It is a way for those of you that cannot visit The Ballard House, but are thinking of us and our guests, to share your generous Christmas spirit. Donations will be open through December 31st 2017. We will announce the results in early January, 2018. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

The Ballard House provides safe, warm and completely free temporary housing for individuals and their families who are hospitalized or receiving treatment for serious medical conditions. Thanks to the generosity of the Katy community, we have provided over 25,000 nights of lodging to guests from 28 states and 10 foreign countries.

Your donation will decorate our "virtual" tree. Once we receive the donation, a light, ornament, present or nutcracker will be added, along with your message under the tree. You can use the message to honor someone special to you, express thanks for the many blessings in your life or simply extend good wishes to The Ballard House guests, volunteers and staff.

If you make a donation in honor of someone else (parent, child, spouse, friend, etc.), we can send them an acknowledgement via postal mail if you provide us with their information. If you prefer to keep the donation amount undisclosed, a nutcracker will be added to the presents below the tree.

If you are making a donation via Pay Pal and you want to include a message, simply enter your message by clicking this link. Please include the last 5 characters of the Pay Pal transaction ID in the email so we can match your message to the proper donation.

Donations can be made via PayPal or complete this form and mail to:
The Ballard House
21421 Cinco Park Road
Katy, TX 77450


Christmas Tree Lights
  Purple $10
  Red $15
  White $20
  Yellow $25
  Blue $30

Tree Ornaments
  Blue $40
  Red $50
  Gold $60

Gift Boxes

White Box $75

Yellow Box $100

Purple Box $150

Red Box $200

Green Box $250

Blue Box $500

If you would prefer to make a donation of an undisclosed amount, click the button below to enter your gift. We will place a Nutcracker under the tree along with your message. Since the total is variable, enter the amount of your donation in the quantity field then click the Update Cart button.



Ballard House Tree of Hope


Thank You and Happy Holidays!

In honor of Jason Wieber. Bethany Wieber

In honor of our volunteers, who make the Ballard House a "home away from home" for our guests. Lou & Kathy

Thanks to the generous Katy Community for all of your support. Anonymous

In honor of Kathy & Melissa and all of the other volunteers and Board Members who gave so much of themselves during Harvey. Anonymous

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